The problem with juggling chainsaws is …

…that unlike tennis balls when you drop one it can cut your leg off.

These posts have been quick and careless. I haven’t even proof read them. That’s a crime because each one describes something which deserves very careful scrutiny. I’m shrugging off that responsibility by claiming my getting this stuff off my chest has some therapeutic value for me. Indeed it does. I just stopped to pay attention to my once churning chest cavity. At the moment it is a peaceful as can be.

I am not panicking. We have a school system that does a good job preparing children from stable sensible families who do not suffer psychological challenges. My son found the Duluth the Schools disagreeable from about seventh grade on but that did not stop him from studying for his Doctorate in Chemistry at one of the nation’s most prestigious universities.

If anything my concern lies with kids without the resources that a family like mine can make available. ISD 709 obviously has some very serious issues to face up to. I refuse to do it with happy talk that masks our difficulties. If any of these chainsaws turns out to be a mirage I’ll be grateful to set it aside and deal with more serious matters. Should that happen I’ll offer a full and fulsome apology to those I’ve passed my stress onto unfairly. My motto give’s a nod to a 1950’s credo with a slight modification. “Better said than dead.”

There. Now I feel a whole lot better.

I just got an email from one of the chainsaw handlers. Here’s what I wrote to them:


You aren’t the only bad kid. I woke up last night fearing a heart attack and set to work on a little tough love/reality therapy to get over my anxiety. I threw 5 chainsaws up into the air and onto my blog – Your’s was the ***** or ******. I expect a great many more heart attacks shortly,


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