Nilsen blasts Glass – Howie Hanson unimpressed

School Board Chair Nancy Nilsen who herself doesn’t seem to quite understand the fiscal implications of the Red Plan has apparently blasted Gary Glass for not understanding them either. Howie Hanson’s website has a brief editorial comment and includes Nilsen’s piece: Howie’s take in brief: Judging from Nilsen’s e-mail response below, what she and the […]

What’s Nancy Smoking?

This email about Nancy Nilsen’s reply to my post is a little more aggressive than my normal blog posts. I sent it to the members of Let Duluth Vote who are rightfully bitter about losing their right to vote. But the snide comment at the end does reflect the attitude I’m adopting after a year […]

Nancy Nilson rebuts

Nancy Nilsen, Chair of the Duluth School Board rebuts my post which was sent to her by a member of Let Duluth Vote. Hello *****, There is definitely some misinformation in this article. We have levied for all of it. There is not another levy for 54%. We levied for the whole amount last year […]

Truth in Advertising?

I remarked recently that the Trib in endorsing another candidate for County Auditor simply mentioned that Nancy Nilsen had been on the School Board to shepherd in the Red Plan. (I need barely add the disastrous Red Plan) She has been mentioned in Lincoln Democrat several times through the years. Well, a Labor World was […]

Politics at the DNT

The new more fair and balanced Duluth Trib that has apparently been endorsing a bunch of Republicans did them all a big favor a few years ago by dropping Gary Trudeau’s Doonesbury. If it hadn’t been for Facebook I would have missed this one. It gives me hope that despite my agnosticism the evangelical God […]

Gangrene Pt 5 – That other letter

Then there was that other letter in today’s DNT: Let me quote select passages: I’m finding it hard to believe the News Tribune’s endorsement of a voodoo doll-wielding former School Board member instead of a former member with a business degree and an economics and math minor and who is a small-business and rental-property owner. […]

A second Candidate’s Debate

There was a debate for at large and the eastern district school board candidates at the Lakeside Community Club tonight. There were about twenty witnesses who weren’t attached to the candidates or the League of Women Voters. At the end of the forum I reiterated my contention that the old School Board claimed there would […]