Gangrene Pt 5 – That other letter

Then there was that other letter in today’s DNT:

Let me quote select passages:

I’m finding it hard to believe the News Tribune’s endorsement of a voodoo doll-wielding former School Board member instead of a former member with a business degree and an economics and math minor and who is a small-business and rental-property owner. It was almost laughable and would’ve been sent to Jay Leno if that had been the headline (Our View/Endorsement: “For Duluth School Board, Harala and who?”).

I give the editors credit. They have been quick in the past to dismiss me but they are not blind. They see what everyone else is seeing. Our schools are under assault. It can’t be easy for them to admit that I’ve been on to something all along. The heading of that endorsement caused me some extreme merriment. Perhaps, however, like all sensible folks they follow the old adage: “Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.”

Nancy Nilsen was the Chairman of the Board that brought us the Red Plan and its unintended consequences. All along she touted her business credentials just as this letter writer does:

Nilsen does her homework, is well-educated on state funding, is an excellent communicator and listens to her constituents.

She didn’t listen to people who called for a vote on the Red Plan. I guess that’s selective hearing. Her homework is in and the grades aren’t good. 1,700 children have fled, 180 teachers have been laid off, High school classes are at 40 students per class.

Now that’s laughable…….but only after a good cry.

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