Honest Abe 3

This is why the old School Board will live in infamy until today’s Duluthians go to their graves. I wasn’t the only one clipping stories and evidence out of the paper and elsewhere:

My ally replied to my second post with a third email titled: “Nancy N’s prediction” My ally had found one of the confident predictions of then School Board member Nancy Nilsen. Its pretty damning coming from a self-described financial expert.

Found in a quote about how the RP would be an economy stimulus for Duluth too!!!

“I also know that when the LRFP is done and paid for, we will have over $5 million a year to put in programs instead of overhead. After having to cut the budget year after year, I know what great things we could do for our children with that $5 million. ”

When will they ever admit they were WRONG.

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