A warning to Minnesota School Board members before engaging the legal services of Attorney Kevin Rupp

Background: I am Harry Welty. I served on the Duluth School Board from 1995 through 2003. I attended every MSBA conference in those eight years. This is my second conference since getting reelected to our Board in 2013. I’ve never had my eyes opened so wide at our conference as I did at last night’s […]

Rupp si daisy

I had planned to go back to my notes to reconstruct my nine objections to retaining Kevin Rupp’s firm. I outlined them at our school board’s organizational meeting last week. That would have taken a couple hours to reconstruct and I am positively thrilled to discover, upon my return from the MSBA convention (Minnesota School […]

Rupp’s bluffs

On Tuesday the Trib’s Education reporter, Sarah Horner, talked to the attorney representing the School District and Craig Hunter who represents the taxpayers. The School Board’s lawyer, Kevin Rupp, sounded confident Sarah told me as did our attorney. I pointed out to her that this is posturing. No attorney wants to suggest defeat before heading […]

Can Duluth voters take an endorsement seriously from editors who did not notice that Donald Trump was an ignorant demagogue,…

…a liar and a seven-year-old sexoholic? Well maybe, but I’m still profoundly disappointed in their at-large school board endorsements. They only grudgingly endorsed me four years ago and they have badly confused my principled fight to protect Art Johnston as something ugly when in fact, the only thing ugly about it was the Tribune’s siding […]

Awash in Books

Thirty years ago I read that an early Chinese leader ordered the destruction of as many ancient Chinese history texts as he could lay his hands on. God praise the Internet but I just discovered that the Emperor was no less than Qin Shi Huang the Emperor who first unified China and is probably best […]

“Rustling my paperwork”

Here’s Loren Martell’s take on that last school board meeting and, in particular, my reaction to the suprise reconsideration of retaining Kevin Rupp’s law firm: “Eventually the continuation of the Rupp firm’s role as one of the district’s legal consultants was approved by the usual 4-3 vote, prompting member Welty to rustle his paperwork and […]

Necroscopy of a meeting – Part 5

On the inevitability of a new Edison Duluth Reader columnist, John Ramos, has weighed in on Monday’s special school board meeting. Interestingly, he’s not particularly vexed by the subject. His interest was mainly to see what a school board meeting is like. Perhaps he wanted to see if his fellow Reader columnist Loren Martell was […]

welcome to the Duluth School Board

As if five weeks of non stop abuse in emails and letters to the editor (including this one today) aren’t enough here comes this email to the Board from new member Nora Sandstad: FYI, I was served with a summons and complaint tonight. It is the lawsuit we saw in the paper past week, that […]

Thou Shalt Not Rat Out Our Friends – This is the post where Harry Welty opens himself to grounds for removal from the Duluth School Board

I’m glad Art is dropping his lawsuit and I’m delighted that we will have three new school board members. With any luck the people of Duluth will soon see what a high functioning school board can do. But we will still be left with the School Board ethics policy of an extremely low functioning, back […]