Two hat Wednesday

I’ve made the press peripherally twice today. I was asked by the Trib, in my capacity as a recent School Board member, what I thought of the disturbing news that the Administration has put its CFO on Administrative Leave. If our District’s sleazy Attorney, Kevin Rupp, has anything to do about this the public will never learn what the hell has been going on. No doubt some sort of agreement will be crafted to prevent Doug Hasler from ever explaining how he became the latest of Superintendent Gronseth’s many scapegoats for the ongoing disasters during his tenure.

Then Minnesota Public Radio proved that it could give to my campaign as easily as it could take from it. (be back in a sec. I’ve just been called to Breakfast)

First came a story about Pete Stauber and all the encouragement he his getting from his aggressively dishonest patron, President Trump. As a wrap up the story mentioned that there were five democrats chomping at the bit to take Stauber on after the primary. I turned to Claudia and tsk tsked. “OH…….,” I complained, “MPR has taken it for granted that Pete Stauber will be able to defeat me in the primary.” Claudia snickered with me.

MPR followed that with a second story which is not up yet in which my challenge to Pete was taken up. I get to say that Pete Stauber is a nice guy and in that just like countless nice guys who went along cooperatively while their nations were overtaken by totalitarian regimes. That’s a little more forceful than I put it but that was the gist of it. If MPR puts the story on their website I’ll be able to quote myself a little more faithfully for my eight loyal readers.

I still owe my readers that treatise on Abortion. I worked on it from ten to midnight yesterday but I missed some important arguments so I’ll return to it later…….but only after I get another hour in studying French. I’ve vowed 112 days ago to study that much daily until my journey to the trenches in France this September. I will not break my streak even to fight off Donald Trump’s ignorance. Why should I? MPR has already presumed that I’m primary toast.