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Welcome (once again) to the world of politics…outside stifling, creepy ISD 709.

Can’t say the last time I voted for a genuine Republican…might have been …(I will not include info that might identify my questioners unless they have significant positions that should be revealed)

Here’s hoping you’ll be able to “check all the boxes” to garner my next Republican vote:

1). Anti “tax and spend.”.

2). Pro-choice.

3). Pro-immigration, especially “dreamers.”

4). Pro-gun controls, especially weapons of mass destruction.

5). Pro-GLBT.

6). Pro-pipelines.

7). Pro-mining.

8). Pro-free trade; anti-tariffs.

9). Pro-universal health coverage; increases to Social Security benefits.

10). Pro-free college/voc. school tuition, at least 2 years.

11). Pro-reduction of national debt by cuts to military spending

12). Pro-swim suit competition for Miss America. (Bert Parks will be turning over in his grave!)

Well…those are [my] Twelve Commandments…..



Here’s my Reply (which presumed that the email was meant to be more lighthearted than an intense grilling)

Thanks *********,

I can give you about 9 of those without qualifications which makes you unfit to be a Republican these days. Just like me.


[And then I sent one follow up regarding the twelfth Commandment since my corespondent has two daughters who are among the smartest graduates of the Duluth Public Schools have ever had]:

Oh and….Ask your daughters about the bathing suit issue. I will follow their lead.

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