Attorney Rupp on the Hot Seat

Today’s brief DNT story on the January organizational meeting of the School Board is spare but accurate.

I didn’t record it but a friend who regularly videos meetings that the District doesn’t bother to told me she was glad she was there to record it herself. I’ll be interested in reading Loren Martell’s story after I return from a short sojourn to visit Claudia and her father in sunny Florida. When she made flight plans I told her I had some hope that the organizational meeting might include room for Art Johnston and me so I wanted to wait in town to participate. Well, I’m often prone to naivete and optimism where the Board is concerned. Things were arranged well before the meeting.

Art and I did have a chance to voice our displeasure with the attorney for the District Kevin Rupp. The allegation I leveled against Rupp for pushing the Board to throw Racism on the barn wall last June to see if it would stick comes from an unimpeachable source. I would be amazed if any Board member denied it. This was only the most disagreeable reason I cited for replacing Rupp.

I only have a few minutes before I head to my car for a long day’s travel so I don’t have time to outline the eight or so complaints I leveled against Rupp last night. But I’ve decided to take my computer with me so I’ll pound out some exegesis while I fly from Minneapolis to Pittsburgh to Florida today. I’ve got a lot of things on my chest. They keep me up at night. I thought I crash last night after four previous nights of three or four hour night’s sleep. No such luck. I probably won’t be able to sleep any better in Florida.

Chair Judy Seliga-Punyko who can barely conceal her disdain for Art Johnston, its a two way street, may not be able to elevate the mood of next year’s Board meetings over the clumsy parliamentary performance of her predecessor Mr. Miernicki. It won’t help that Art Johnston will continue on as a Board member until perhaps April before she can get the revenge she is so clearly eager to exact.

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