Sunday began with Church. We picked up S. at his group home and drove him to Glen Avon Prez. He is in his eighties He’s tiny, autistic, barely communicative and his head juts out ninety degrees forwards from his shoulders. When we first began attending Glen Avon S. drove his mother to church. Today, at […]

Getting a swim and a trim

One of the big 15 minutes stories of this summer’s Olympics was the black female swimmer who won gold. Unlike Gymnastics’s, Simone Byles, who won all of the gold and followed in the footsteps of another black Olympic gymnast the swimmer seemed was a first for her sport. There is a reason for this. Black […]

Cyrillic messaging

I just found a reminder email to myself as I cleaned old emails out to unfreeze my mailing system. It reminded me to tell my eight loyal readers about the cleverest sign I saw when I marched down the Skywalk with Claudia and friends for Duluth’s Woman’s March. The march was a lot of fun […]

A little Harry’s Diary

I woke up at 3AM yesterday and couldn’t go back to sleep because I was mulling over Trump nation. That happened often last year and the chaotic beginning of his new Administration isn’t offering any peace of mind. Is funny but this is a switch for me. It used to be all school related insomnia […]

Shall We Dance?

I figure that I have several audiences of this blog. The one that is preeminent to me is – me. It’s not just the “Harry’s Diary” entries its all of them. I suspect some readers are interested in what I disclose about myself too although I doubt that this is a huge percentage. Interestingly, I […]


The Trib has covered one of what should be two of my top priorities today. That would be playground mulch. I’ve gotten a couple dozen emails on the subject and at tonight’s meeting we will make some sort of decision on how to proceed. The other issue is our Budget and a comparrison of how […]

Burning my house down

Some kids have been talking about burning my house down. So says Robin Washington of the DNT. He got a call from someone in the know who said a lot of children on the school buses are angered by my snow sculpture. Unlike the Republican who jumped to the conclusion, quite rightly, that my pachyderm […]