A digression about the picture in the previous post

Like many far east Asians I have something of a shrine to my Father in my office. Its one of two small display cases I bought from Ikea. In this early morning picture which appropriately shows a reflection of me as I bent down to snap the pic you see a charcoal drawing of my father that my mother scratched out when I was in grade school in Topeka, Kansas. Below it is my Dad’s last electric shaver and some of the World War II memoirs that he devoured.

You can also see some of my Dad’s old marbles. Some time before my Uncle Frank’s death I gave him a jar of those marbles because my Dad never let his little Brother play with them. I forgot that until I found the picture of the gift giving in an old photo album.

I love making light of my Dad but he helped make me who I am and I rather like myself.

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