Every teacher says “I aughta write a book”

The book I may be writing:

I undertook a weekly challenge three weeks ago with a teaser column titled Whetting Voters’ Appetites for the next school Board election.” Always in the back of my mind when I write is the notion of including a post in some future book I intend to write. My intention here is to write specifically about my experiences and possible insights with teaching and more generally the fuzzy and vast topic of education. Humans have been teachers since before they could speak.

After I wrote the teaser I began sorting through ideas to plan 20 or so columns for the coming collection. After a week I had more than enough topics to carry me past the election into the seating of School Board member next January. But the second and third columns didn’t exactly follow the order I first had in mind. Think of them as rocks in a landslide of ideas.

The second post Sitting and thinking imposed by the editors over my choice. Sittin on the Shitter was a pretty good preview, I mentioned my early thoughts about what education should be, my attempt to give students, albeit collegians, some say in evaluating their teachers and then cut to the chase with a quick story about a couple of school principals. One a “prick” and the other a better salesman than me…..Oh By the way… I had the wrong business in mind when I explained that he sold me some motor oil. I said it came from Amway. I have a story about Amway too but this oil came from Superior’s own Amzoil. (Which BTW was featured in this 2016 post)

But it was the prick I wanted to highlight. Our kids can be tough but they are kids. This prick though not lethal was simply following a long line of sadistic teachers whose deeds have been recently making the news.

800 words a week can not contain all my thoughts so I’ve decided to add postcripts to my columns here as I write them. I’ll not that in the column I’m writing today number 4. I still don’t know which of several stories/topics it will relate to but before I start it I’ll have at least one more blog post concerning the column about the prick. That’s up next.

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