Now that I’ve kept my apology up at the top of my blog for a week….back to business

A couple weeks ago it became obvious to me that there would not be a viral moment in which Northern Minnesota would be flooded with news of my challenge to Pete Stauber. I began easing off then since the only means of sustaining me financially was with our savings which I’ve always considered my wife’s and not mine. And even the random thousand here and there would only go so far……Then I looked at myself acting like a fury and didn’t like what I saw. Desperation drives politicians to become idiots. I would not want to win a campaign under false pretenses let alone lose one that way. I was operating as though Pete Stauber had voted against allowing four state’s to cast the legitimate votes of their electors. He didn’t …….I was wrong to talk as though Pete Stauber had and I was stricken with guilt…..I’m a truth teller, (I tell myself and others) But I’ve stretched the truth. Damn me.

But before the day was out I reminded myself that Congressman Stauber is every bit the coward I claimed before. He knows the election wasn’t stolen. An honest man or woman would say so……like John McCain who was booed by his supporters election night 2008 when he told them Barack Obama was the president elect.

Here is the sort of people Stauber ought to be setting straight:

Pete owes it to America to acknowledge Biden’s victory. I don’t expect to hear anything from Stauber any time soon so I will pursue the goal I set out for myself from the beginning of 2022. I will do anything honest I can to make sure such a congressman no longer misrepresents the voters of Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District.

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