Who will replace Mike Jaros?

Representative Mike Jaros who’s 34 year legislative career was capped by his inability to protect his constitutents from the rapacious Duluth School Board has called it quits. This last session may finally have burned Mike out. Immediately several notables announced their interest in replacing Mike including City Council Chair Roger Reinert and AFSCME rep Marsh […]

In defense of Mike Jaros

Although the Trib’s editors changed the title I suggested which is the same as the title of this post they published my defense of Mike in today’s paper. Money quote: “There is only one problem with the red plan that the top dogs have conceded. It will, according to a map sent by the district […]

Mike Jaros’ Intent

The News Tribune published a passive-aggressive editorial digging Mike Jaros today. It was pretty loopy criticism of Mike and his intentions. It didn’t quite criticize him but since their editorial stance is to support the Red Plan you’d have to read it as being critical of Mike. They quote the superintendent who says, “If there […]

Mike Jaros to the rescue

I presume the Duluth Trib will get around to reporting this news but Mike Jaros the author of one of the laws which apparently gives the District the right to ignore voters on this massive scale has introduced legislation to put the animals back in the barn. I stick up for him after a few […]

2 dollar note

My fundraising appeal to the 1,100 donors who contributed to the hiring of an attorney to challenge the Red Plan in court have been responding to this election as well. They may even be able to match the union dues being applied to DFL endorsed school board candidates. Not all our contributors are flush with […]

Rendezvous with Dana

Yesterday at the Lester Park Rendezvous was a long beautiful day. Dana Krigovorsky and I had set up Alanna Oswald’s canopy the night before but we arrived just after nine and set up tables, campaign lit, and Dana’s selection of kid attractors including jumping frogs, balloons and some chewy candy. The later would pull off […]

Back to the campaign

As I was traveling back home yesterday the Post Office called and left a message that the campaign material I dropped door to door on Thursday should not have touched, hung from or been stuck behind mail boxes. I promised I would adhere to this carefully from now on. It may be a challenge to […]

I got Waxed – Citizens United

Its hard to believe that its only been a couple days since I got waxed last Saturday. I’ve been in non stop school board related meetings since Monday and when I wasn’t doing that I was doing yard work and gardening in the sunshine. I generally woke up in the middle of each succeeding night […]