Mike Jaros’ Intent

The News Tribune published a passive-aggressive editorial digging Mike Jaros today. It was pretty loopy criticism of Mike and his intentions. It didn’t quite criticize him but since their editorial stance is to support the Red Plan you’d have to read it as being critical of Mike. They quote the superintendent who says, “If there was any concern about how we used the statute it would have come up in the process.” In this case process means when the Minnesota Dept of Ed reviewed the Red Plan. In other words what Dr. Dixon is saying is that “We didn’t break any laws.” That remains to be seen.

Except that there is no longer any doubt the the method of funding the Red Plan, however foolish, is legal. But so is, as I always point out, executing innocent people, just so long as you go through the proper process of finding them guilty of capital offenses.

At least the Trib conceeds the issue of loopholes and whether the Red Plan was ever contemplated by the legislature. I sent in a 776 word column in defense of Mike after banging it out this morning. Mine will be eaiser to follow for the general public. It also makes more sense. I’ll link to it if the Trib prints it.

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