Blissful ignorance

Those of us who have challenged the Red Plan have often wondered whether the Superintendent of Schools has masked the feelings of the people of Duluth From his adoring School Board. For ages criticism of the Red Plan in letters to the editor was far better represented in the Trib than letters in support of it. The names of people who criticized it kept surprising me and most were unfamiliar to me. In contrast the names on the letters of Red Plan supporters kept showing up over and over and seemed relatively limited.

For the eight years I served on the School Board our Administration honored the policy book which required them to make every letter sent to Board members part of the public record and gave Board members copies. Many of us in opposition to the Red Plan could not believe it when Dr. Dixon’ Board loyalists told us their letters ran heavily in support of the Red Plan.

I was just told that as an experiment a few months back, skeptical Red Plan opponents kept track of how many of their letters to the School Board were made part of the public record. Over a one month period they knew of twenty critical letters that were sent in to the Board. Only five were actually shared with the School Board.

Ignoramuses are bliss.

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