My Buddy challenges me on Lakeview

On Mon, Dec 19, 2011 at 12:12 PM, my Buddy wrote:


Regarding what you say at, aren’t you missing something? Shouldn’t the objective of the school district, be to provide the best education for children residing in the school district, at the lowest cost to taxpayers; and wouldn’t that be accomplished by the school district’s willingness to sell its surplus property to the highest bidders, and by the school district’s acceptance of whatever winnowing that resulting competition might provide?

My Reply:

That’s a valid argument. I wasn’t on the Board when it sold off five elementaries to known alternative educational sites. It made peanuts on those sales.

You could make the same argument hear [sic] (should be in this case) but let me turn the tables on you. You are arguing that making money is the prime motivator [in order to educate our kids]. If so, the District by giving one of its rivals enough room to grow and land to sell to make the growth possible would be financially foolish. After giving Lakeview all these resources for a song Lakeview would be in a position to poach more students from ISD 709 and thereby causing it to lose more state aid.

I don’t know that this would happen. Central could end up being an albatross around the Christian Academy’s neck. If I were on the Duluth School Board, however, watching it hemorrhage students I wouldn’t want to give my gun to someone else willing to use it against me.

The post title wasn’t really very apropos to the situation just the season. Lakeview has done nothing wrong by promoting their take over of the site.


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