Mike Jaros to the rescue

I presume the Duluth Trib will get around to reporting this news but Mike Jaros the author of one of the laws which apparently gives the District the right to ignore voters on this massive scale has introduced legislation to put the animals back in the barn.

I stick up for him after a few incredulous people wonder how such a “tax and spend” liberal could do such a thing on the Duluth Citizen’s Blog

Here’s how I start my defense of Mike:

Sat Mar 29 15:53:33 2008 – [Mike Jaros is looking out for us ] By: Harry W
Mike Jaros is doing exactly what I would expect a liberal DFLer to do – and good for him. He understands that property taxes are the most regressive taxes in the state falling most heavily on those unable to pay them. He was elected just after the Minnesota Miracle in the 1970’s which placed a heavier burden for school finance on the state’s shoulders releiving poor and elderly property owners.

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