My Mini Vacation

I’ve recently began a number posts with a long list of terms or phrases each of which represents something on my mind about which I feel like blogging. On the previous occasions this led me to actually cover the some of the subjects. Today I’m having a hard time conjuring up the dozens of posts […]

Four random anecdotes

With Claudia out of town I have a heckuva time watching the television. It has two remotes with its cable box, three if you count the Roku. It felt like it took half an hour to turn it on last night but I’m glad I did. I ran into the National Geographic Channel which had […]

When is a warning a threat?

Anyone who has followed my blog off an on for a couple years knows how I operate. I explain what I see and experience. My readers also know what motivates me. First and foremost its the Red Plan and uncovering its mysteries, and recovering from it. I’m not shy about complaining when obstacles are thrown […]


Topeka, Kansas, was not the South but it was close enough to have a sizeable black population. I was a child there in the Era depicted by the current movie “The Help.” I’ve not seen it but my wife, Claudia, just finished reading the book on which it is based and says its set in […]

When a man can’t be a man

After insisting on a war, the Bush Administration shot our military in the foot by kicking Arabic-speaking translators out of the army because they weren’t man enough to fight. They were gay.  This West Point grad demonstrates that the young people in our military today are open minded about letting gay soldiers serve with everyone else. […]