My Mini Vacation

I’ve recently began a number posts with a long list of terms or phrases each of which represents something on my mind about which I feel like blogging. On the previous occasions this led me to actually cover the some of the subjects. Today I’m having a hard time conjuring up the dozens of posts I’ve recently neglected to write about. I certainly wanted to follow up the last post five days ago with an item from one of our school board committee meetings that fit right in. At the moment I can’t think what it was either. For better than a week I’ve been telling myself that what I really wanted was a vacation from Duluth and ISD 709. That wasn’t available to me so instead I took a mental vacation thus the absence of posts.

I played on the hammock with my grandsons. I helped mulch our gardens. I cleared out old canes from my daughter’s raspberry patch. I started watching a couple new seasons of some mini series with my better half including the third season of the contemporary spy series The Americans (I’ll never think about packing a suitcase the same again) and Orange is the New Black. These stories took me well away from Duluth as did two books I’ve made a good start on. The first I’m reading on my own is a major new tome on the 369th Infantry Division that my Grandfather fought with in WW I. The other is Wild Swans which I’ve been reading to Claudia. You would have to be a minority American to appreciate the insecurity that was China over the last century. (I know, I know, Buddy. That’s too broad a statement and there have been generations of white Americans that have suffered too.)

I’m not quite ready to end my mini vacation. Its soooo beautiful outside now and will be again tomorrow. A glass of wine on the patio reading to Claudia sounds about right. I’ve earned it. I spent two hours finishing my mulching this afternoon after putting in a thousand yards in the pool. Oh, we have another swimmer who has announced an intention to run for the Duluth School Board today. He’s a competitive swimmer so I imagined myself swimming against him as I swam laps. It takes me ten minutes to swim 500 yards so I doubt I’d be much competition for him.

I’d be remiss not to write about the offerings of Mark Myles and Art Johnston in Saturday’s Budgeteer relating to Rep. Simonson’s column on the Edison Schools or today’s front page story about the IRRRB and Iron Range School Superintendents. (I’ve commented before on the IRRRB in my blog. One of its former heads was a campaign chair of mine……at least I think so. With 15 past runs for public office its a little hard to remember so many details.)

For now…….I’ll remain remiss.

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