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A little Happy for you

I heard this fun little communally produced poem about New Year’s resolutions on NPR this morning. Its compiler just was awarded a Caldecott Medal for children’s literature:


And I’ve just added a category called television. I am besotted with so many wonderful television programming now that is no longer beholden to the standards of standard fare for everyone. Claudia and I just watched the last four episodes of the Good Place. It has been such a wonderful four years and fifty episodes. Its hard to believe it was a product of network television. I was surprised I got a little teary but I was not alone. Ted Danson is part of a superb cast. In the 80’s when we had a little girl we wanted to get to bed and not be contaminated by the sexy zeitgeist of Cheers he was pretty irresistible too. Nice to have him back.

Hollywood Shalt Come

I need a good laugh. So does all of America and beyond that the world.

This is the first time in years that I’ve posted something under the “hoots” category. I hope it’s as funny as the trailer.

Hollywood is vilified, and has been for a hundred years, for destroying moral values. Thank God for that. At the same time it has undermined self righteous priggishness that is so easily offended. In a day and age where a moral troll with visions of grandeur propped up by the eloquence of a first grader that didn’t do his homework has been placed on the pedestal of King David by the moral elite…….I think this movie will get me out of my funk for at least two hours.

I told Claudia we ARE going to see it this afternoon.

And Sorry racists, Hollywood has given us far too many great black entertainers for the bulk of America to take the basis of your racism any more seriously than your visions of a rapture.

Where did my Sunday post go?

Ah poop! Or should I say “Professor Poopypants?”

I cranked out a quick post to address a complaint that I was giving short shrift to some school board candidates who had attended some portion of recent school board meetings even if they didn’t stick them out for the full, four “butt wearying” hours the meetings took to conclude.

But evidently as I rushed to wrap it up with a final note to the effect that I was in a hurry to see the movie “Captain Underpants” with my grandsons I must have deleted the post instead. In searching for it on my blog’s “dashboard” just now I discovered 165 previous posts in the “draft” stage that I never returned to finish. They are in effect wadded up pieces of paper that never made it to the wastebasket.

As to the stamina deficient candidates I may return to their Trump-like penchant for golf over policy and polity later but they can consider this fair warning that I will note their lethargy at some point in the future should they not manage to overcome it.

Oh, and as for Underpants? It was pretty good (Rotten Tomato’s audience score 65% – critics 85%) although I’ve must confess to having been a David Pilkey aficionado for a long time. Evidently he has abandoned his old website because its up for the highest bidder. As to his fetish for tighty-whiteys – I’ve been there too.

And don’t forget. Republicans have long considered me a RINO! Little did they know how appropriate that title was:

I never did manage to figure out a good riposte acronym to the Koch Brother propagandists who so savaged moderate republicans.

The funniest damned thing I’ve heard in a long time

Just a quick post before I head down and wash dishes.

I was driving home from Denfeld and the “speech concert” ten minutes ago when I heard that Donald Trump issued an ultimatum to Republicans. Either they pass the health care plan that he was sure he had gotten the Freedom Caucus to go along with or he was done messing with health care and would let Obamacare live on.

I guffawed for thirty seconds. It was so brilliant that if any President who spoke out of one side of his/her mouth had said it I probably wouldn’t have been surprised. For eight years the Republicans made this their number one cause and then proceeded to sit on their skanky thumbs rather than come up with an alternative.

Coming up with an alternative was never in the program and not possible. One faction never progressed beyond the 1960’s distaste for “socialized medicine” and would have been happy to board a time machine heading back in time. Another faction simply wanted to strip poor people of health care that cost rich taxpayers too much money. The third faction was the cowering moderates who have given up challenging the new Republican orthodoxies lest they be primaried out of their seats for being RINO’s. The first two groups were essentially living in a magical world. Donald Trump was the fourth faction. Fox News had convinced his voters that Obamacare was making their lives miserable and they elected Trump to make it better. The last couple of months have convinced his voters that the Republicans were only going to make life worse for them. Donald Trump’s big “nevermind” only serves to assure his voters that he’s not going to let the Republicans screw them over.

What Trump has done is point an accusing finger at Congressional Republicans for being dunces. Democrats can breath a sigh of relief and turn to the other reprehensible plans that Trump has pushed like his wall, immigration and Putin-gate.

Trump is the winner on this but so is Obama and so is the Democratic Party – unless the GOP gets its act together and hammers out a sensible alternative. I’d place my bets against that. I don’t think the crazies in the GOP from the Koch Brothers to the Tea Partiers can find common ground. I have to give Presidential Donald Trump a big thumb’s up for this. Don’t worry. The memory of this is sure to fade pretty quickly.

Speck # 4 Roy Cohn’s Revenge

In no way do I mean to praise Donald Trump. His campaign was as sleazy as it gets. Hillary’s insider string pulling in the Democratic machinery is part and parcel of every campaign. Its both understandable and unavoidable. However, Barack Obama proved that it was not invincible in 2008. Bernie Sander’s loss is hardly surprising. He was severely handicapped by announcing that he was a Democrat just before seeking that party’s nomination. The same was true for Donald Trump. Had Trump run as an Independent I suspect he would have done little better than Bernie would have as an Independent. They would likely have gotten Ross Perot-like numbers – close but no cigar.

All the Trumpian pundits who are saying the mainstream media was mean to Trump are full of _ _it. They shined a light on him but he was a nuclear explosion. Media flash lights meant little compared to the candidate’s sizzle. There is a whole lot in his closet for historians to ponder but most of his voters have been too blinded to notice. I’ll only mention one of them here – Trump’s muse, Roy Cohn.

Cohn is a vestige of my youth’s realities when police vice squads raided gay bars and rounded gays up with one aim – to publicize their depravity in newspapers and soil their reputations forever. There is a scene in the marvelous old movie “Advise and Consent” of the gay 602 bar that would have been repellent to audiences of that era. You can catch a brief glimpse of it in this trailer as the attractive JFK-like Senator walks in desperately seeking out an old lover who is blackmailing him about their old affair. When the blackmailer refuses to back off there is only one solution for the Senator. He has to commit suicide to hide his depravity. Modern audiences may find this preposterous but it would have made sense to people in 1960.

Roy Cohn worked in this atmosphere as the right hand of Senator Joseph McCarthy and helped him ferret out information on Commies in the Government at the height of the Red Scare. They destroyed many people at a time of national hysteria. McCarthy was finally upended when he went after the US Military unsuccessfully when it drafted Roy Cohn’s lover. Shortly afterwards the anti-communist crusade quieted to a dull roar sufficient only to mire us in Vietnam but no longer a threat to our Democracy.

Cohn’s homosexualy was common knowledge after this and he became a bitter man. He vehemently denied he was “queer” and became infamous for his take no prisoners legal maneuvering. The New York legal establishment tried for years to disbar him. A year ago Claudia and I watched the old HBO series Angels in America. Its about the Aids crisis that took out tens of thousands of gay lives in he 1980’s. Al Pacino gives an extraordinary performance as Roy Cohn. This scene tell you everything you need to know about what Donald Trump learned under Cohn’s tutelage and why he conducted a scorched Earth campaign for President.

One of the most hopeful things about America today is that under President Obama we have largely swept the homophobic past away so that we will never again create a Roy Cohn. One of the great ironies about Donald Trump’s election is that the homophobia that created Roy Cohn fifty years ago gave Cohn’s acolyte Donald Trump the strategy that elected him President of the United States. How ironic that Trump asked the pro-family, 2016, GOP convention for their help in stamping out homophobia and got applause it. Roy Cohn hated queers!

From the ? Department

From: “My Buddy”

Subject: Pondering pronouns: Are ‘he’ and ‘she’ giving way to ‘they’? –

Oh, labels. The use of “Mx.”, looms?

. . . nonsexist language reform has been markedly successful in making job terms more gender-neutral, noting a not so distant past when there were firemen, stewardesses, policemen and chairmen. Today, we refer to firefighters, flight attendants, police officers and committee chairs without missing a beat.

They could be men. They could be women. They could be theys.


One indication of how quickly change can happen these days came late last year when the Times used a new courtesy title, Mx., when quoting a bookstore employee named Senia Hardwick. It clearly wasn’t the Times’ idea, describing Hardwick as someone “who prefers not to be assigned a gender — and also insists on the gender-neutral Mx. in place of Ms. or Mr.”

I commented back to my Buddy:

If I was reading the Times article out-loud how would I “pronoun”ce that?

This is how I would like to go.

Walter George Bruhl Jr. of Newark and Dewey Beach is a dead person; he is no more; he is bereft of life; he is deceased; he has rung down the curtain and gone to join the choir invisible; he has expired and gone to meet his maker. He drifted off this mortal coil Sunday, March 9, 2014, in Punta Gorda, Fla. His spirit was released from his worn-out shell of a body and is now exploring the universe.

He was surrounded by his loving wife of 57 years, Helene Sellers Bruhl, who will now be able to purchase the mink coat which he had always refused her because he believed only minks should wear mink. Read the rest….

Not a Kazan movie

I belly laughed at this movie trailer. Same thing has happened to me a dozen times watching the new CGI movies always at their most dramatically impossible scenes. As an example that shot of the Lone Ranger diving while riding his horse from the top of a train just as they enter a train tunnel.

With this trailer you’d never know that sharks are nearing extinction because Far Eastern consumers have the money to catch them just to cook their fins in soup. It would be a lot less destructive to buy viagra. Fortunately, the antler velvet from deer is not in short supply.

He’s a Tramp

Yesterday during the snow storm Claudia and I were looking through some children’s books on the Dakotas. We’re taking the grandkids to the Black Hills this summer. As I was paging through the ND book I read a caption about torch singer Peggy Lee being from dinky little Jamestown.

I mentioned that I had always loved a little film Walt Disney inserted into his Sunday Show about the making of Lady and the Tramp with Peggy singing this song. By gosh someone who appreciated it as much as me put it on youtube. Enjoy:

A President’s Day Salute

To say Dina Martina is an acquired taste is a little like saying horseradish is an acquired taste. I first tasted horseradish in Shrimp dip in grade school. I loved it without realizing just what it was that gave the sauce its kick. I acquired my enjoyment of Dina just as quickly. So maybe its not all that acquired.