Hollywood Shalt Come

I need a good laugh. So does all of America and beyond that the world.

This is the first time in years that I’ve posted something under the “hoots” category. I hope it’s as funny as the trailer.

Hollywood is vilified, and has been for a hundred years, for destroying moral values. Thank God for that. At the same time it has undermined self righteous priggishness that is so easily offended. In a day and age where a moral troll with visions of grandeur propped up by the eloquence of a first grader that didn’t do his homework has been placed on the pedestal of King David by the moral elite…….I think this movie will get me out of my funk for at least two hours.

I told Claudia we ARE going to see it this afternoon.

And Sorry racists, Hollywood has given us far too many great black entertainers for the bulk of America to take the basis of your racism any more seriously than your visions of a rapture.


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