Time will tell

In my reply to Diane K. I could have added this. After the School Board meeting Supt. Dixon stopped by and chatted up four school board candidates who were all clustered together. He grinned as he told me that he drove by my house and saw my hand painted lawnsign, “let Duluth vote” every day. He had also, no doubt, had read my letter to the Governor which I had copied for Board member Tom Hustad. Apparently the letter is now circulating through the Central Administration Building. Another administrator told me that he/she had read it but wouldn’t tell me who had shown it to them. The letter certainly hadn’t made it back from either the Governor or the Education Commissioner. It probably didn’t arrive from the DNT’s editor, Robin Washington, which leads me to suspect that someone had left Tom Hustad’s copy on a desk unsupervised for a few minutes where someone found it photocopied it and sent it on its merry way.

Dr. Dixon assured me confidently that the Governor had no “veto power” over the District’s plan because all the state could do was “comment and review” our proposal. I, didn’t bother to argue the point because I don’t know and can’t predict what will happen. As I’ve explained before, I can’t imagine that if the referendum free Red Plan is found to be against the law that it will be permitted to go into effect even if the law doesn’t give the Governor actual veto power over it.

I simply replied with my own smile: “time will tell.” The Superintendent smiled and acknowledged, “time will tell.” Time will tell is a lot less certain than the Superintendent’s confident assertion that nothing can stop it.

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