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I got an angry but respectful email this morning. It was predicated on the silly headline which hyped the “confusion” that we are attempting to sow. The confusion is only to be foisted on the lawmakers not the voters of Duluth. Its quite clear what we are doing. Get a vote on the Red Plan. Here’s the email and my reply:

Mr. Harry Welty,

I just have one question for you…Why do you feel the need to always make controversy? What is your goal in trying to “confuse” the issue, as your latest quote in the paper stated? I’m not trying to be rude, I just would really like to know? How is “confusing” the issue going to help Duluth? How is “confusing” the issue going to help us unite as a community? We have the problems we have now because of past school boards inability to make decisions. YOU were part of those past school boards. YOU made one ridiculous decision after another. YOU did nothing but tear our school district apart and make families want to leave! Now, we actually have a school board that functions and a superintendent that is amazing. They are trying to do something that is going to benefit all of our children and you are trying to “confuse” the issue. They have held countless community meetings to answer questions and concerns. THEY WERE ACTUALLY TRYING TO HELP PEOPLE UNDERSTAND!!! What a novel idea!!!! However, you and your group’s goal is to just try and “confuse” the issue. I have to say, I have never heard a more idiotic comment!!! Why would you not want to HELP people make an informed decision. That is the kind of school board member I will vote for. Someone that wants to fix problems, not create them. Feel free to share this with the rest of your “colleagues” running for office in November. Let it be known, I am not “confused”….NONE OF YOU WILL HAVE MY VOTE NOR WOULD I EVER EVEN CONSIDER SIGNING YOUR PETITION!!



And here’s my reply”

Thank you Melissa,

The newspaper headline editor chose the word “confuse.” If anyone has been trying to confuse the voters it is the existing School Board. What’s worse is they are attempting to steal our rights as citizens to vote on the colossal red plan. It is 6 times more expensive than any plan ever proposed for the Duluth Schools and it will have profoundly awful consequences for Duluth if it goes into affect.

You have said that I am repsonsible for past bad decisions. Please name one.

Our new flyer does a very clear and non confusing job explaining our concerns. At the very least a referendum would allow us to discuss these concerns. By avoiding the voters and an election the School Board and our Superintendent are telling us that we can not be trusted and that they are smarter than we are. I am insulted by and disagree with both propositions.

Perhaps you too wish to take away my traditional right to vote on something which could tax me out of my home. If that is how you intend to make our community a better place it will be a lonely City for you because I will not be the first to leave. Some nice people will have to leave as well.

Please read our attached flyer. I would be happy to discuss it with you.


Harry Welty
not such a bad guy

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