“A fair vote” – a student writes

Today’s School Board packet of information which is sent to both School Board members and candidates for the Board contained Johnson Control’s proposal which only reached Board members hands two weeks after it was presented to the State and this letter.

Duluth Public School District,

I am ***** *****. I will be a sixth grader at Woodland Jr. High this year. I graduated from Elementary School at Lowell Music Magnet Elementary School, which I have to say, is a great, great school and I enjoyed all of my years there.
I am writing to you for two reasons. One is that I think it’s really sad that Lowell is losing some of their music programs. Those music programs gave a lot of intelligent students the opportunity and freedom to play the instruments of their choice. It gave them something to be proud of. I think Lowell deserves some extra support to keep their programs running. They try very hard doing fundraisers, working with, and around the students when needed.
One other reason I am writing you is something you probably can’t do anything about. But I think Duluth should be able to vote on the Long Range Facilities Plan. I was looking forward to going to Central High School. My older two siblings went there. And of what I heard, it is a very good school, and I think Duluth has the right to vote on it. After all, we are a part of the city and it does effect us.
I talk to my father about this and what he thinks about it, and he thinks it’s a lot of money the city is taxing him. He thinks of it as you figure you need to re-model/re-build schools when he wants to build a new house which he also can’t afford.
I know I may be just an eleven year old going on twelve, not knowing and understanding everything, but that’s one thing that’s very clear and makes sense, a fair vote. These are just some reasonable thoughts.


***** *****

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