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This blog was locked in a closet nine months ago. I’ve opened the door on it a couple times since then an thrown the occasional rag in the closet but I’ve not really tried to keep it up. As with other things I’ve put on the net my intention is to be chatty and talk about how the nuts and bolts of a campaign work. I personally like all the candidates running and will remain neutral towards all of them except my own. I plan to vote for myself.

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  1. Harry,

    Are you running because the public did not get a chance to vote on the $257 million?
    How soon would we know whether the finance department okays what happened? Is there time for input? Now that you are a candidate are you willing to call in to a radio show, such as Brad Bennett’s etc. to revisit the letter you wrote in the paper. If candidates are running for school board positions simply because there was not a vote, is it too late to make an impact?

  2. Hello Diane,
    In answer to your questions.
    1. YES!
    2. Supt. Dixon told me after last Tuesday’s School Board meeting that it would take two months to prepare the presentation for the state.
    3. Yes. You should send your comments to the Governor at:
    Governor Pawlenty
    Office of the Governor
    130 State Capitol
    75 Rev. Martin Luther King Dr.
    St. Paul, MN 55155
    4. Yes, but Brad should call me. I’ll be vacationing during early August. Let him know.
    5. No its not too late. I think the Governor will be highly unlikely to have his administration OK this without the approval of Duluth’s voters. I wrote him a letter on the subject which is the next thing I will post. If he comes to the conclusion that we want a referendum I doubt that he would ignore our wishes. He will not want to alienate his own voters. The philosophy of the GOP these days is strongly inclined toward referendum and initiative. None-the-less we must not be complacent.

    If the State finds the Red Plan problematic I don’t think a 4-3 school board will dare put it into effect. I’m still researching what could be done should I be wrong on this point. If the School Board does decide to come up with a plan B everything will be on the table again. Proposing a second plan will take us nearly to the election and that almost certainly means a new Board will have to sign off on it. At least that’s what I anticipate.

    Thanks for the inquiry.


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