Steal my vote, steal my signs

At the same time that my old buddy Bevan Schraw (who is against letting Duluth vote) is nettling me by putting lawnsigns up in the rental properties around my house, someone just stole the flock of signs in my front yard. I had four Gary Glass signs and about seven Let Duluth Vote signs. When I picked up my newspaper this morning I saw that all of them had been plucked from my front yard. Only two bare wire stands remained. All the other houses along 21st Ave E had their Let Duluth Vote signs removed.

Well, I’ve got plenty of new Let Duluth Vote signs to replace them and I’ll be ordering some Welty signs next week. I only put up one of my old lawn signs because I hate to maintain them. I prefer to put them up at the end of the campaign. This mass theft is a good example of why I prefer to wait until the end. Whoever it was that stole my signs also wants to steal my vote as well. It figures.

It reminds me of the 1989 campaign when I tried to help pass a $55 million bond. A PTA mother, who also was a member of the League of Women Voters, got angry at the “Vote No” signs and dressed up in black pyjamas to uproot them. She also dressed one of her children in black and for a good civics lesson took him on an expedition to steal the offending signs……..Until an old lady saw them and called the cops. They were caught but no one pressed charges. Only the rumor was left to float around town.

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