Duluth School Politics and the State Fair

If my phone weren’t in need of charging I’d post the pic I took of Senator Al Franken at the MPR booth drawing the 50 states from memory on a blank sheet of paper. Aw Heck, Here is a youtube of a previous drawing sped up to save you viewing time. Pretty impressive and I say that as an old Geography teacher.

Lovely mostly cool day in St. Paul.

When I came back home I was pleased to see seven Loren Martell lawnsigns on Arrowhead Road. I won’t have mine for another week. Loren obviously intends to cross the finish line in the primary. Good for him.

I also came home to an email from a supporter saying a google search suggested that the Duluth Federation of Teachers endorsed my rivals. I did a similar search and could only uncover the endorsements for the 2011 election. Until I hear otherwise I’ll assume they have not yet endorsed anyone.

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