Banking on meetings

Everything worked out Monday for the KBJR/KDLH candidate interview. All three of the first batch of candidates agreed to meet at 1PM. Annie Harala wrote out an accomodating email. Henry Banks said he was in and I chimed in with an all clear myself.

We all showed up simultaneously and held the doors for one another as we filed into the waiting room to sit for a couple of minutes. Henry wanted to make something clear to Annie and me. Henry told us that he had been told that some other at-large candidate had been claiming that he had not been attending school board meetings. He said this was not true and he meant to find out just who was behind the unfounded rumor.

I smiled and told Henry I hadn’t attended a School Board meeting in four years and I could only applaud anyone with the common sense to avoid them. Annie admitted that they could be tedious. If this is the worst that anyone is going to say about any of the candidates (and I think I can guarantee it won’t be) then we’ve all got it made in the shade.

Barb Reyalts greeted us warmly and explained that she would be interviewing all the school board and city council candidates at large and for districts. That’s probably at least twenty candidates. Unsurprisingly, that meant we would all get but a few minutes to answer her softball questions. We were outathere in no time. I showed up a little worried about the limp summer shirt I was wearing. I’d planned to change cloths for the Interview. My PCV (potential campaign volunteer or something like those initials) had assured me I looked fine. We had met earlier to consummate our political shenanigans. But I’m getting behind myself. That is the next post)

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