Would like to be bookin it

I’ve spent hours this week putting together chronologies. I just have two books left to finish for this project. I skimmed Solberg’s bio on Triple H. I’ve already poured through it twice before. The other covers a great void in Minnesota political literature – the Republican side. this one is a treasure. I’ve read through it twice before and to believe a Republican can be so funny.

All these books, fifty so far, (I found two more yesterday) mostly serve as a launching pad for the story I really want to tell. I’ve offered up snippets and there will be more.

My wife is a little appalled at the time I spend on this but I feel guilty that I’m only getting started……that is if you consider the six previous years only preparation. Joe McGinnis cranked out his book on Sarah Palin in amazingly short order. I’ll bet it was a lot less complicated than my book. Everyone in Wassila, Alaska seems to have wanted to talk to him so long as it was off the record. Not so with my book and lots of the witnesses are no longer Earth bound.

I’d love to share one of the anecdotes about HHH or Walter Mondale but that would be premature for a bookin it post. Besides I don’t have them in my words yet.

So I’ll tell a story on myself. Sorry, its more pathetic than funny unless you don’t like my blog. In that case you should enjoy it.

I’m leaving Duluth tomorrow. I sure hope none of the Trib’s paper deliverers robs my house while I’m in Florida getting up close and personal with this year’s GOP crop of Presidential contenders.

Shouldn’t be a big problem. I’ve got people peeking in and poisonous cats patrolling the premises. Also a painter will be here all week while we’re away. You see, I flooded the house in December.

I went to bed and left the tap on in the upstairs sink. Its always been slow to drain and left on all night it spilled out on the wood floor. It pooled and drained to the first floor where it pooled again and drained to the basement. All this while I slept blissfully.

I’m not sure why I didn’t notice the water as I walked through it in bare feet after I woke up. I was alarmed to hear the sound of water flowing. The sink was full and that was when I noticed the wet floor. I huridly turned off the tap. I hear the water still pouring. Had I not immediately realized that I was to blame I don’t think I would have used the colorful language I did to express my dismay. There is something about being my own idiot that really sets me off.

As the days went by paint began bubbling on the walls and the wood slats on the floors curled up on their edges. Claudia suggested that we hire a painter. I’ve got a book to write and I agreed. Its been twentyfive years since I painted the walls. They are overdue for a fresh coat. I’ve painted and painted and painted over the past quarter century. Every room in two houses once or more. I should repair my own mistake something but, I’ll confess, this time there would be very little satisfaction in the work for me.

I’m hoping this book will give that to me. After its published I’d like to get the one with the Republican reminiscences published. Of course, if I’m in Congress that may have to wait.

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