TMT and backward blogging

Woke up at 3AM after reasonably good six hour nap. I decided not to write with a bright computer screen in my face knocking my serotonin out of whack. It worked wonders and I woke up with dozens of things backlogged in my little mental blogging drawer. I wonder how many I’ll get to?

TMT (too much time) vs. TMI (too much information)

About the last two blog posts. I believe in truth in advertising. I titled them TMI because they were too much info. They were both the result of sleepless or near sleepless nights. Also, I wanted to spill out lots of random thoughts for my new potential volunteer. We have a lot of catching up to do and when we first met we both interrupted each other so much with ideas that we never finished I took my insomniac mental state and finished them without fear of his interrupting me. We’ve had another meeting since and things are going swimmingly so there will be no need to spit out so much disconnected stuff at a single sitting again.

I’ll also add that he did comment on the terrible state all that back breaking work seemed to imposed on me. (That may be in part because he says he’s terribly lazy himself and all that description was a little like a blow by blow account of wolfing down live earth worms)

I told him I enjoyed feeling sorry for myself not to pay my grumbling too much mind. A lot of us old fahrts (I think the “h” makes that word look pleasantly eccentric rather than crude) love to whine about how awful we’ve had it. I’ll admit it. No false humility from me. I worked very hard and paid a price but my daughter’s been trying to get me away from her yard for a couple days and I keep ignoring her……so I can whinge about it in the blog, I guess.

Besides, in no time I was feeling very pleased with myself. I’ve gone back a couple of times since those posts and done a little more work……up to my exact standards.

Backward blogging

Ah but no to attend to the second half of this posts title.

One of the peculiar arrangements of blogs is that they are backward. They are written from a beginning that started with the first post and continue. Yet, when readers get to them they are always reading them from last post of the day to earlier posts or backwards.

I’m going to experiment this morning by skipping the the most recent things that have happened and writing backwards until today’s reader gets to this post which I may very well copy and put at the end of this morning’s writing as a beginning in my backwards posting today. You’ll see. It will be fun.