Daughter’s orders

I plan on checking in on my Mother this afternoon before I go to Almanac’s couch with Rod and Jim. The last time I took my daughter to visit Mom it broke my daughter’s heart.

She ordered me never to get Alzheimers which has been passed down through two generations on my Mom’s side. I would be next in line.

I swim a mile a day most weekdays and keep reading and eating healthy in part to fend it off. Mom was always worried about getting Alzheimers. I always thought I’d rather commit suicide rather than let it take hold of me. I still feel that way.

Now there is a new potential remedy one I used to use recreationally long before Alzheimers was an issue. I gave it up because I preferred keeping my mind clear. Now I can imagine taking it to keep my mind clear and staving off suicide.

The Republican Party would prefer to put me in prison for using it and continue pushing up the federal debt but that’s only because they have God on their side.

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