“We’re gonna take care of you.”

I’ve written about waste plastic recently in the Reader. I’ve complained here in the blog about the reportedly mafia owned Waste Management failing to pick up either our garbage or now our recycling. And for about the fifth time since they didn’t pick up last week’s four-week load of recycling. Its supposed to be picked up every two weeks. I’ve been putting in more calls to their call center. Its my third call of the day and it isn’t even 10 AM yet. They are five weeks overdue. And I am invariably polite and ruefully humorous taking to their call service staff who have no control of what’s happening here in Duluth. The supervisor today who answered my third call to tell them that no, the locals didn’t call to schedule a pick up told me not to worry. “We’re gonna take care of you.” Twice.

I can’t help but wonder if China’s decision to refuse further American recyclables a few weeks back, thanks Mr. President, isn’t partly to blame. He tells us private enterprise solves all problems. I’m beginning to have my doubts about that.

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