Cravaack endorsement from the Corporate HQ

In a different time I could vote for Chip Cravaack. I can’t now that the GOP is held in the clutches of unchallenged high paid media demagogues who would rather let the nation tilt than give a Democratic President a chance to right the ship of state. I might have leveled the same accusation at Democrats in the past. Congressional candidates can be painfully short sighted and selfish putting their reelection over the nation’s good.

I can expect my Buddy to shower contempt on this accusation but it is what I feel in my bones and I suppose its not all that different than how a rheumatic feels as the barometer drops.

I feel sort of bad for the editors of the Trib who had no choice but to endorse the candidate of the Trib’s recent buyers. In the old days the endorsement demanded by the owners would only have extended to a Presidential candidate not the local congressional candidate. Today’s DNT has been so neutered that it no longer can make such a call even if they get to write the justification. That can’t be much more fulfilling than writing ad copy.

From the Trib defending Cravaack from the bullies in the Democratic party:

Cut through it, though, and the thing that becomes clear for voters in Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District is that the passionate, strong and effective leader they elected two years ago is the same congressman they can re-elect on Nov. 6. Cravaack went to Washington to stand up to wasteful government spending while standing with his constituents back home. He has done exactly that. And done it well.

I’ll be interested to see if they use the same logic to endorse Obama because of the GOP’s Karl Rove’s and Sid Adelson’s.

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