Word Search of the Day

Once again, the word isn’t here in the blog. Neither is the antonym of introvert.

Both are personality traits that I’ve given a lot of thought to over the years. What prompted me to look it up was this Time Magazine article.

I was surprised to see the last couple Times sitting on my Father-in-law’s coffee table when I dropped by. He extolled the purchase of the subscription. I suspect his hearing makes it a little hard to pick up all the data points when he watches FOX News. That he bought TIME generally regarded as a bastion of liberalism was interesting. I don’t think he looks on either FOX or TIME as being liberal or conservative tools but just news sources.

The article has some sister stories about politicians as well as a twenty point questionnaire to determine which trait its readers exhibit. It lists Romney and Obama as natural introverts and Gingrich as an extrovert. Of course, neither of these introverts are so closeted that it has prevented them from reaching for the highest office of the land. The fact is that all of us are some combination of the two. I consider myself more of an Introvert and yet even as a kid I imagined myself as a comedian which involves a stage and an audience, hallmarks of extroversion. Of course, on the other side I remember my first recurring fear – having my swimming suit fall off at a public swimming pool. If that’s not an introvert’s nightmare I don’t know what is.

I only once lost my swim trunks so to speak. It came unexpectedly in Ninth grade when I had a panic attack giving a book report. I was preoccupied for the next year making sure it never happened again. I was so traumatized by the event that I asked for my Dad’s advice and even followed it. I joined the debate team and stayed there even when my gymnastic’s coach gave me an ultimatum to choose between his sport or the talky stuff. I chose the latter.

That’s enough on this subject. Since I didn’t have an old post with the word in it I decided to take the occasion to gab a little with my fingers. That’s a pretty introverted thing to do.

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