Word Search of the Day – last one for a while

Some readers may have noticed that I’ve been choosing words or phrases for the word search that relate to some thought or post for the day. This will be no exception but it was hard finding a word that fit the circumstances. I plan on taking a short leave from the blog to concentrate on my damned book. The word retreat came to mind but it is more often used to suggest running away from enemies. I checked seclusion and solitude but there were no previous usages of them in the blog and they didn’t quite fit. “leave of absence” comes closer, vacation is all wrong. Sabbatical is closer.

I’ve chosen meditation as my last word search for the next month or two. I won’t be meditating so much as writing. I do need to end some distractions and the blog is the biggest distraction of all. I’m afraid I’m addicted to it and it makes tackling my book difficult.

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