A meditation on Thanksgiving Company

Grandma Claudia screamed as our our older Grandson sliced up onions for our Thanksgiving repast. Fortunately our Tan Man did not cut a finger off. His grandmother had bee surprised by a buck bedded down about six feet from our kitchen window. The stag stayed put for the next three hours. He and his mate, […]

A meditation Pt 13

And if threat was a last resort the first resort was equally manipulative. Dr. Dixon is a master at emoting and shedding tears on cue but I have my doubts about his sincerity. From his first minute in Duluth he choked up with one lie, possibly two, calculated to impress his listeners that he was […]

A meditation Pt 12

Among the millions of words I’ve expended on the Red Plan was a history of it that I wrote for the Reader Weekly four years ago before I was willing to describe Dr. Dixon as a liar. One of this series of columns was linked to at the conclusion of the last post. The whole […]

A meditation Pt 10

Calling any public figure a “liar” is pretty audacious unless you are Republican Congressman Joe Wilson calling President Obama a liar during the State of the Union speech. (Joe got reelected in 2012 unopposed) School Superintendents are particularly unlikely candidates for such epitaphs and opprobrium. They work with children. Nonetheless, they can be scoundrels. Joe […]

A meditation – Pt 9

About that pathological liar…. Not now. I woke up at 1 AM and couldn’t sleep thinking about this meditation. I’ve been typing for four straight hours and I’m tired. The pathology will have to await my prognosis. Until then I’ll leave you with this: According to this website compulsive liar might be a better term […]

A meditation – Pt 8

The rest of the column is more space filler. It doesn’t continue flogging Art. It does not admit any culpability in the sorry state of the Duluth Schools. It simply asks for community help. its entirely appropriate and hopeful. I believe it is undermined by the beginning of the column which attempts to vilify Art […]

A meditation – Pt 7

Before I analyze any more of the column its worth recalling the title given it by some DNT editor “…Running fewer schools results in savings that are applied to repaying bonds.” Its worth remembering because the Trib is putting those words in Art Johnston’s mouth. Art would never make that claim. He would simply say […]

A meditation – Pt 6

Westholm and Wasson are right about one thing. The bonds will have to be paid off. (That’s what I wrote in the last post) The only way to put more money into classroom size reduction is finding more money. That means more local property taxes. They need the voter’s approval for that. Oh there is […]

A meditation – Pt 5

The target of the Westholm/Wasson column is Art Johnston: What is new is the idea that running fewer schools and using the savings generated to repay bonds is a direct cause of ISD 709’s annual general-fund deficit, as claimed by School Board member Art Johnston in his Nov. 16 column in the News Tribune, “The […]

A meditation – Pt 4

“None of this is new information.” That is the concluding sentence in the columns opening paragraph. It is intended to be dismissive of charges that the Red Plan has hurt programming and caused overcrowding. It is, however, an incomplete list of the means the District has used to finance the Red Plan. In addition to […]

A meditation – Pt 3

Duluth School Board members’ response: Running fewer schools results in savings that are applied to repaying bonds Duluth is nearing the end of a facilities project that reduced the number of Independent School District 709 regular school buildings in operation from 18 to 13. By: Ann Wasson and Bill Westholm, for the News Tribune Duluth […]

A meditation- Pt 2

Two recent DNT stories help lead into the discussion of lies and expectations. The first had to do with the building of a walking path to the new western Middle School. One might have expected that a 315 million school building plan that relocated a school and did so arguing that it would encourage more […]

A meditation- Pt 1

I recently told the reporter on the education beat for the Duluth News Tribune that I thought Duluth’s former school superintendent was a “pathological liar.” It may turn up in a story she is contemplating on “the” broken promise of the Red Plan which I take is the supposedly iron clad guarantee by Dixon that […]

A Meditation

I went to bed wide awake and that never works. As I lay too caffeinated to sleep it occurred to me what I had to do. I had to stop blogging for a bit to work exclusively on my book. I regard writing it as far more important than blogging or running for Congress. Readers […]

Who are you all?

Two or three long winded posts this June. Almost Nuthin! Still an increase in visitors. The first three months of this year had an average of a little over 1,200 visitors back when I was actually writing on a daily basis. Then I stop writing regularly in April and get 4000 visitors followed by 5,000 […]

Red Plan Ennui

I’ve had it for a couple years. Mine comes from burn out. I continue to flog the subject out of a masochistic sort of stubbornness. When the DNT failed to show up at my doorstep this morning I checked their website and incidentally peaked at their comment section. A few days ago they had a […]