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Harry again,Sorry about the confusion on whether the Unity Party is affiliated with Unity08. This is the internet where wires really do get crossed and where there is such a welter of related ideas that a google search on any one of them will turn up a hundred million hits. What’s more important is that a clear majority of America’s voters are centrists by nature and are being ignored. Without any single organization speaking for them its no wonder that a profusion of like minded netizens would be scrambling to find a centrist alternative. 

This is not madness. Its mad fun. Its rather like one of those experiments where DNA is pulled apart and then tries to put itself back together again.

I’m delighted to return to this thread and find a little hubbub. The election is still three months away. A lot of things will sort themselve out by then. After November the Presidential race is another two years away. My out of the woodwork campaign is an opportunity to experiment. If I win and other moderate centrists see that it can be done it might tempt other centrists to try the same thing in 2008. Or it could send a message to the major Parties not to forget the majority of Americans in their quest to win over unreasonable activists.

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