My pitch in 316 words

Despite the excess of verbiage in this blog my writing can be economical. On Oct 1st Chuck Frederick of the Duluth News Tribune offered all eight School Board candidates 400 words as a final pitch to voters. He asked that we get them back in ten days, sooner if possible. I roughed something out a little over 400 words. I reworked it to over 500 words. I reworked it again last night and had it back to 430 words.

I woke up a 2AM and started editing it on my pillow. Then I climbed out of bed and trimmed it down to 316 words with a new ending. I just emailed it to Chuck with 84 words and two days to spare. I wish you didn’t have to wait to read it.

I’ve got some killer posts queued up waiting for me to post. They will need some editing too. Don’t forget to come back for the fireworks.

I’m going to try to go back to sleep now.

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