going cold turkey on political commentary

Its been a busy couple of weeks news-wise just as I’ve been preoccupied with packing up for a month long trip to Australia. I’ve had a chance to read it but not blog about it. Early in the week I was hit with five days straight of grandparenting followed by a two day finale taking care of a feverish 13 month old. Most days I was working on reports mandated by state law covering my responsiblity as a conservator for my Mother. Yesterday was mostly devoted to my being the “pronouncer” at the Regional Spelling Bee which ended up being a marathon with a dozen excellent spellers at the end. And today began with my donating a pint of blood followed by going through my taxes followed by serving a meal at the Damiano Center’s Soup Kitchen. Then I had to come home and clean my house after neglecting it for a couple busy weeks so that we could wine and dine some friends while boring them with the itinerary for our month-long trip.

I’m just grateful that when four days of snow caused Snowbama’s head to fall off it didn’t roll into the intersection. That would not have been helpful.

I am trying to convince myself not to post blogs about politics while I am away. I’ll be taking a computer with me across the equator but I’d like to devote all posts to the Antipodes. I’ll try not to read the DNT and any late breaking carping about the latest blow to public education in Duluth may have to await my return. My blood pressure has been trending up and I’d like to bring it back down. A travelogue might offer a nice temporary respite from political aggravation. Ah, but I have seven days to grouse before I leave. I’ll try to make the most of it.

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