August 8th Primary’s eve What I’m not doing

The retirement of my piss and vinegar find me sitting on my hands not doing the campaign housekeeping I am required to do. For one thing I only just find the first one page report to the Federal Elections Commission about a month late. A couple weeks before the primary I was supposed to give them a threadbare accounting of my threadbare fundraising. I raised $2,000 to $3,000 from a letter I sent out to 3,500 of the Congressional District’s 280,000 registered voters. Another $500 came in online from campaign donation buttons om my websites. I’ll end up spending close to $10,000 myself. Its less than a respectable area legislator would raise and spend although far more than I’ve ever spent on a Duluth School Board race. I had a damn good letter. Its a pity I didn’t get it in every voter’s mailbox.

I haven’t ordered the amendments to my lawnsign that show my campaign throwing my support behind Jen Schultz. Today when I mentioned that my better half cautioned that I should only do it if I ask permission. I know she’s right but that’s not the best motivation for me.

Its late in the day and there are a lot of things I could add but I have been notified that my French penpal has sent me a text message. Bonjour lecteurs…..(readers)

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