Pick Pocket Proof Pants

This post was going to be a reverie on Facebook, Google et al and their scarfing up information about their users. It was appropos to Mr.Zucks appearance before Congress. I am still interested in this but I got caught up in my french studies and have lost the time to elaborate. As to the title.

The gods of the Internet have obviously taken note of my googling French subjects and deduced that I will be traveling abroad. That has become apparent as a result of an unending series of pop ups advertising travel slacks with lots of hard to pick pockets. It is appealing to three persuasive concerns I have 1. practicality, 2. looking good and finally 3. fear – of being robbed.

Fear is such a tiresome trope today. Of everything….. It has been so for ages. Fear of change. Fear of those people who look and talk funny and who are moving in next to you.

I’m with FDR on this one.

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