Bookin it 8

A week ago I ran into Christmas and the book project went to sleep. Whenever I put it on hold I’m always fearful that it will be hard to pick up again. Today although I only had about five hours, two in the early morning and three just now, that proved not to be a problem. I’ve cranked out seven very rough new pages.

My Herculean efforts to organize my many files paid off today as I was able to go to several of them to work on one chapter stuck in the middle of the book. (I will not be writing this from start to finish but filling in material as I find the inspiration wherever it occurs in the timeline:

Here’s today’s snippit with the usual caveat:

In an April 9th letter to the Secretary of Commerc, John Tabor, Humphrey makes a preposterous claim, “It is my feeling that Anoka County, Minnesota, is clearly an area which should be a part of this region . . . Economically, it is more akin to those areas which are part of the Upper Great Lakes Regional Commission than it is to the more urban areas of Minnesota.”

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