My “my buddy” is not “a Republican Sympathizer”

My Buddy and I have had a great many words over my continual abuse of the GOP. My Buddy is not affiliated with either party. He has regularly chided me for my one-sided criticism of Republicans and noted the there are plenty of Democratic hacks and doofi (that’s the plural).

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

When Democrats get rid of Governor Walker, the Republican Congress, Obama wins relection and Goldman Sachs goes back to giving the Democrats the big bucks this little worm will turn. Until then I caucus with the Democrats and act like the same kind of maverick I was all the years I was a Republican.

PS. I had a close call. A friend at church asked if anyone had spilled the beans about my threat (fantasy) to run for Congress to Claudia. My friend kept her mouth closed. Claudia is still blissfully unaware of my threat.

When someone does unkindly spill the beans I’ll just claim I’m doing it to sell my book. For you my dear readers……don’t be so sure I’m not lying about that. I am a politician.

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