Bookin it 6

I’ve not added any new pages since the last BI post. I have put in considerable time digging trenches. I’ve tentatively developed a string of prospective chapters – 60 plus with titles. If I’m to keep this below 300 words I’ll have to keep them averaging about 5 pages in length. That’s a good size for me. I’m leaving space for a glossary, bibliography, endnotes and index. These won’t count in my self imposed page limitation of 300 pages.

I’ve applied a half dozen possible titles to the Book over the past several years. Its still untitled. The tag at the bottom of all the Book it posts should read Rat’s sacrifice. That part of one possible title however, when I typed it in I gave it the singular possessive spelling. It should be plural possessive.

I edited some of the contents of one chapter yesterday and added another page in the process. A few months ago this was still a daunting process. Today it doesn’t seem so. I still have lots of reading and file shuffling ahead of me but I can now see the horizon. Once I’ve finished digging the trenches I should be able to go over the top and knock out five pages a day. That might not happen until Februrary but even before then I’ll keep cranking out a few pages every couple of days.

I have a new respect for historical writing. Fiction is unmoored from the requirement of laying evidence out. Its like the stuff Rush Limbaugh spews out. I just won’t be able to count on “dittoheads” to buy my book.

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