755 Signatures

I checked each of my petition sheets and found about 20 signatures out of 775 that wouldn’t pass muster for one reason or another. That still leaves me with 755 perfectly good signatures. I’ve got two days to finish this up before I take it in to the Secretary of State. Tomorrow is Sidewalk Days and I’m hope to pick up more signatures than ever although I doubt I’ll get anything like the 300 per day I anticipated.

My Brother is visiting tomorrow along with his daughter and nephew. The Nephew is up to collect his third Great Lake. I told them I’d be busy and to go to the beach while I’m campaigning but I’ll be home to greet them and lay out beach towels.

I just uploaded a fundraising page. I’ve got to tinker with it but it feels good to have it set up. The breakfast with my new campaign manager netted two of my signatures when our pastor and another church member stopped by our table.

My new manager will be very helpful. I’d complained that I hadn’t been able to find dates of northern Minnesota fairs in a google search and right after I got home I found links to the dates.  My new manager had found them. Excellent.

I just purged me\y room of partially digested newspapers and suddenly I can walk around in it again. Tommorrow before I petition I’ll get the rest of it sorted and filed. Life is good.

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