I beg to differ

I read Triss Harwood’s critique of Loren Martell in today’s Trib and was non plussed. She said:

I listened repeatedly at those meetings to the man who would like to replace Seliga-Punyko on the board. He spoke at every session with no attempt at civility. He leveled personal attacks at board members and at the superintendent. His manner was consistently disrespectful to anyone who disagreed with him.

In the online world this is called a “meme” meaning a bit of stuff that takes on a life of its own with repetition by others. I believe his accusation is bunk and more a reflection of the Red Plan friends impatience with the folks, like me, who never tire of pointing out all the unfortunate consequences of the Red Planners having stepped on so many toes.

Loren is soft spoken and he has a legitimate beef – The School Board was covering up and ignoring public data in the form of critical letters sent to them. I suspect this began with Dr. Dixon six years ago because he didn’t want his School Board swayed from his mandate to give us new schools.

Martell is stubborn, I’ll give him that. So have lots of idealistic people that we revere for sticking to their guns in unhappy circumstances.

Triss and others I’ve blogged about have long felt we should get new schools and have no problem hewing to the notion that the ends (good schools) justify the means (self righteous vote theft).

There is no better refutation of Ms. Harwood’s accusations than the opinion piece Loren Martell had in the same paper today. This is a thoughtful yet forceful analysis of our District’s situation. Its too bad that our School Board didn’t have the benefit of such an intelligent and articulate thinker from the beginning of Dr. Dixon’s reign of happy talk.

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