Stealing lawnsigns

I read this letter in the Trib today.

I remember when one of my predecessors on the School Board told me how the writer got dressed in black pajamas and went out in the dark of night with one of her children to steal yard signs from people who’s signs asked people to vote “no” on a school building referendum.

The story was that one of the victims heard some rustling out front and saw the pair stealing her sign and either called the police or hopped in her car and gave chase. The culprits were caught according to the story teller. Whether they were chastened or not I don’t know. I do recall that everyone knew the writer was hell bent to run for the School Board after the referendum but unexpectedly decided not to file when the next election rolled around.

That was the early 1990’s and I was very much in favor of the Bond referendum. The fact that it failed was the primary justification behind not letting Duluth vote on the Red Plan. Some people will always find a way of stealing things and coming up with good justifications for having done so.

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