No mea culpa from the Trib yet…

…for its six year effort to turn a blind eye toward Red Plan related worms.

But, at least they are giving the new guy who replaced Dixon an early honeymoon. I V’s going to have to live with Dixon’s folly.

Duluth’s new school superintendent, I.V. Foster, set a refreshing and encouraging tone this month at his very first School Board meeting. He emphasized improving student academic performance and he talked about directing resources toward narrowing the achievement gap, increasing graduation rates and reducing dropouts.

In other words, after years of angst and controversy over buildings, let’s return our focus to classrooms and to the success of all students.

Those “resources” will not include the $5 million annually that the Red Plan requires from school operations to pay for the Red Plan building bonds. If the voters haven’t recovered their good humor by a November referendum he won’t have any additional operational levy money either. We’ll see whether the Trib ends up tar and feathering Dr. Foster over Dixon’s legacy. God forbid they take any responsibility for it.

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