This just in…….

… courtesy of a friendly email:

SB mtg going on now. Ch 10 says the news is that due to a long list of reasons, the RP will cost another $15m but Dixon doesn’t think it will raise taxes.

The reporter said something about savings at other sites could be used…And he wishes he could address the board later but he only has 3 days left.

Good time to depart with his bonus for good work. I’m sure his loyal board members will laud his vision in his absence. And there’s this follow up email:

“And about 15,000 square feet has been added to most school plans because of requests from special education, community groups and others.”

Its funny how JCI justified the Red Plan by telling us we had to get rid of all our excess space. With ten or more percent of our student population gone and with all this extra space I hope we can afford to heat our new Red Plan buildings.

Evidently we’re being told we can keep building the Red Plan buildings despite being fifteen million short. 100 kids to a classroom should probably do the trick.

Its all the State legislature’s fault.

Here’s WDIO’s story on Dixon’s folly.

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