Only 30 have signed it

I’m not very impressed with this evidence of dissatisfaction with one of our three school superindentent candidates. A friend just forwarded it to me.

Its an “online” petition asking that the Robbinsdale School Board not renew Stan Mack’s contract. It has a long list of the miscellaneous grievances which might be brought up to undermine confidence in any Superintendent. No one in Robbinsdale is actually circulating it door to door and the online petition only has 30 signatures. If I were to circulate something similar in Duluth I could easily get thousands asking for the removal of Dr. Dixon. The petition has no force of law behind it. It seems to have little behind it.

Still, perhaps this is why Dr. Mack was not included in the original group of three finalists. Its hard to keep something like this hidden from a Google search.

As I recall Mack is currently the president of the state organization of School Superintendents. That is a little testimonial from fellows who have been in his shoes. It had to be embarrassing for him to be cut from our list of finalists and then be added back when another candidate dropped out. I commend him for not taking his name out of consideration the second time around. (I do hope its not a sign of desperation)

Big city school superintendents have a helluva job. I only have one real demand of our next superintendent and competence comes second. I expect him to tell the truth. That would be a pleasant change. I’ll concede that the allegation of Mack’s cloaking the true cost of health insurance is worrying. He ought to be asked about it.

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